Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a white pigment which has many uses in the industry. In the paint and varnish industries it is responsible for providing coverage, weather resistance, brightness and whiteness of the paint and is a special pigment for the white paints. It is also widely used in plastic industry and derivatives such as Masterbatches, PVC and Plastic items in general. It also blocks Ultraviolet Rays (UV) and therefore is used in the cosmetic and protective solar industries. It has many other applications such as paper, food, and rubber industry, among others.

The current Interbrasil’s portfolio of Titanium Dioxide is the result of over 02 years of intense research, visiting more than 100 factories overseas, performing many tests and rounds of negotiation with manufacturers. The main criteria analyzed to select our current suppliers are: product quality, having their own mines of raw materials to guaranty quality standards and color, and allowing the product to be tested and approved before being shipped to Brazil.

We have an office in China that tests all products before shipment, including the Titanium Dioxide. The test is redone when the cargo arrives in the country of destination, ensuring the quality and consistency of the lots.

We have in our line 02 varieties of Rutile Titanium Dioxide with Sulfate treatment that ensure great hiding power, easy dispersion and whiteness. Therefore their performance, cost and benefit is superior to others available on the market. Complementing our line we have one Anatase Titanium Dioxide.

Our supplier was the first China Titanium Dioxide Industry to obtain qualification ISO 14001, showing a great commitment to quality and environment. Due to the careful selection process conducted by Interbrasil and the great quality of the products found, we signed an exclusive contract to distribute the FR-767, FR-761 and FA-101 titanium dioxides in Brazil and Latin America.


FR-767 – Rutile titanium dioxide by sulfate treatment, with excellent hiding power, whiteness, great dispersion, weather resistance, and low oil absorption. Mainly used for Paint and Varnish Industries, it can also be used in other applications

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FR-761 - Rutile Titanium Dioxide with Sulfate treatment has great whiteness, brightness and opacity. Mainly used for Plastic industries but it can also be used in other application.

FA-101 - Anatase Titanium Dioxide with a great stability, whiteness, brightness, dispersion and coverage. Indicated mainly to low cost’s interior paint, adhesives, ceramics and cosmetics.